Sunday, November 19, 2006

Obama To Visit Purpose-Driven Life Mega-Church on World AIDS Day

The Mercury Daily News reports that Sen. Barack Obama will be visiting the megachurch of Pastor Rick Warren, "evangelical icon and author of the popular Christian book 'The Purpose-Driven Life.'"

And can you believe this? Right-wingers are throwing a hissy fit and demanding, yes, demanding that readers email the good reverend and insist that Obama be disinvited.

Well, that's the spirit of the holidays and mighty Christian of them, don't cha think?!?

These frigging Pharisee wolves in sheep wool clothing are making Howling Latina sick to her stomach. Obama's sins? Read for yourself.

Obama believes in condoms, Warren is biblically bound to believe in abstinence...Obama believes in abortion, Warren is biblically bound to believe in life...Obama fought for the right of hospitals to allow children to die outside the womb... i.e. Christ Hospital in Chicago. Obama fights against the protection of the institution of marriage on the state and federal levels...Obama promotes homosexual unions as being the same thing as marriage...Obama believes advocates for "hate speech" laws that would require the silencing of clergy on the issue of homosexuality and the relation that behavior has to the practicing of faith...Obama so strongly believes in abortion, that in running for the United States Senate in Illinois he had his wife write a letter to the voters of Illinois to assure them that he is a champion of abortion rights...Obama (when he occassionally (sic) attends goes to a Chicago "church" that does not adhere to any doctrinally sound positions in its theology...
Hmmm, sure sounds like Obama is the devil in the flesh. In fact, one of the headlines read, "Barack Obama: Angel of Light, or Anti-Christ - Rick Warren knows...

Yes, the modern-day Pharasees are a bunch of hard-core doctrinaires who want people to believe that they are the light, the truth and the way. No one cometh to worship the Father, but by them.

You see, Obama had the audacity to agree to "appear at Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, Calif., on Dec. 1, World AIDS Day, drawing attention to the kind of issue the senator from Illinois says should unite all people of faith, regardless of their particular religion."
"Sen. Obama has a deep respect for Mr. Warren's commitment to fighting AIDS and poverty," said Obama spokesman Tommy Vietor. "They met in January of 2006 while Mr. Warren was in Washington and have become friends, speaking on the phone with some regularity."
Meow. What a bunch of catty covetous clueless idiots.

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