Friday, November 24, 2006

No Comment from Soon-to-Be Former Sen. George Allen

As Virginia bloggers have noted, Sen. George Allen, Jr., introduced a bill that would allow concealed guns in U.S. parks.

Fox News reports today that this last-minute parting shot from Allen has absolutely no chance of passing in the upcoming lame duck session.
Allen, who lost to Democrat Jim Webb in this month's election,told the Virginia Gun Owners Coalition in a Nov. 4 letter that he had urged the secretary of the Interior to repeal the gun prohibition.

"Since no action has been taken, I will introduce legislation in the Senate in the week of November 13 to repeal the gun ban," Allen wrote. He introduced the bill Nov. 16.

With Democrats about to take over Congress in January, it is unlikely that such a controversial measure would pass in the current lame-duck session. The bill would not carry over to the next Congress.

No matter.

The National Park Service also pointed out to Fox that "serious crimes in the parks are rare and there is no data showing a need for visitors to carry concealed firearms." Moreover having folks "with minimal or no training to carry firearms in national park areas will not lower the already negligible crime rate but will most likely increase the possibilities of basic altercations turning into something much more serious."

Hmmm, just exactly who is Allen trying to win over with this bizzare bill?

Well, Virginians are not likely to find out soon. When asked to comment on the story, Allen's office, like throughout most of his Senate campaign, refused to comment.

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