Monday, November 27, 2006

Lefty-Blogs Has Zapped Howling Latina

Ever since Howling Latina switched to beta blogger, any new posts fail to appear on Lefty Blogs.

She'll try to keep plucking away and blogging and hopefully, soon, the problem will be fixed. If anybody has a clue how to fix the hitch, please leave a comment and do-tell!

HL -- Don't know how to help you with LeftyBlogs. They've been having problems for a couple months now. In the meantime, if you come to -- we offer a similar service. Click on BNN Bulletin at the top left and you'll get the code and directions to add the feed of Virginia bloggers to your site. If you have any problems, write me at

Dave Mastio
HL, I answered you on my now-defunct blog, but I'll post it here to since I don't expect to get much repeat traffic after having said good bye. And I don't want to send mixed messages - I'm really gone for now.

But to answer your question, to my knowledge, the problems with LeftyBlogs picking up Blogger feed now that it's gone to beta are not yet resolved.

I hope they get it fixed because I did like Leftyblogs and I don't think this bug is their fault.

Meanwhile, you might want to give BlogNetNews a try.

Good luck and keep up the good fight!
Or, sign up for all of them. Sign up for RVAblogs as well (if you live in Richmond). Did you try the suggestions I emailed you?

Right now I'm in the weeds with end-of-term writing research papers!!!!

But...within ten days I'll have time to re-devote myself to the task of getting my blog on as many search engine sites as possible:)

Anonymous, thanks for the heads-up.
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