Sunday, November 12, 2006

Immigration a Bust Wedge Issue

It doesn't look like immigration worked too well for Republicans.

Now, Howling Latina could've easily predicted this from the gubernatorial race in Virginia last fall. Former Attorney General Jerry Kilgore tried to gain some traction on the issue and miserly failed on his way to a humiliating loss.

Today, the Washington Post has a nifty article on the subject; and here's what they wrote about anti-illegal sentiment as a GOP wedge issue; it was a bust.

Many Republicans thought for much of the year that they knew the key to winning close elections: anti-illegal-immigration appeals aimed at consolidating the conservative base and attracting independents upset about border security. But in virtually every competitive race, that strategy failed.

An immigration firebrand, Randy Graf, defeated a more moderate candidate in the Republican primary for Arizona's 8th District, and then was swiftly toppled by the Democratic candidate, Gabrielle Giffords. Arizona's 5th District voters unseated immigration hard-liner Rep. J.D. Hayworth (R) in favor of challenger Harry Mitchell (D).

Farther from the border, Ed Perlmutter (D) soundly defeated conservative Rick O'Donnell (R) in Colorado's 7th District.
Hmmm, it sure looks like poor Republicans are actually going to have to divine something, anything besides "us" against "them" invective to win future elections.

As for the recent marriage amendment in Virginia, political analysts ain't too sure how well it worked out for George Felix Allen, Jr. on Nov. 7.

In fact, some folks think that it may have been the added salt to the festering wound of outrage that prompted Northern Virginia moderates to go out and vote in droves against both Allen and the marriage amendment.

Just a little something-something for GOP batwings to mull over when they introduce new bills during next next year's legislative session in Richmond.

More often that not, one will reap what one sows.

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