Saturday, November 18, 2006

Hmmm, Does Anyone See Anything Wrong with this Picture?!?

Cruising the blogosphere, Howling Latina came across this charming picture. Skeptical Brotha who headlined the picture observes, "Harold Ford., Jr. on Election Day chats up the good-ole boys in front of the Rebel Flag."

No doubt the bewitching image will impel blacks in Tennessee to come out in droves when he runs in '08 against Republican Sen. Lamar Alexander, don't ye know.

Here's Brotha's take on the subject:
To say that the Confederate flag is a divisive symbol understates its inflammatory power. As a black southerner, Harold Ford, Jr. understands what this flag means. Every generation of his family and mine have been oppressed under it’s divisive perch atop the Capitols of every southern state in the union. Indeed, this flag, and its accompanying confederate monuments, combine to form racist monuments to white supremacy in every former state of the confederacy that remain to this day.
Amen, Brother Brotha.

I agree with the brotha...remember, too, that Harold Ford Jr. ran a very right-wing campaign. He said he was for "prayer in school," Ten Commandments hanging in courthouses, guns, guns, guns, etc. It was not the campaign any progressive should wage. But, he looked at the conservative landscape in that state and decided he had to be that way....still, no self-respecting African-American should be seen standing in front of a Confederate flag, and glad-handing the good 'ole boys who put it up.
Harold Ford might as well be a Republican. Not only is the flag an insult to African Americans, but Americans in general, we wouldn't very well expect Russians to fly Chechen flags, would we?
Harold Ford. Jr's prostituting himself in front of a confederate flag and holding a press conference with it visible in the background shows his disrespect for the sacrifice of previous generations of civil rights leaders of all races who fought and died to make his pathetic reality possible. It is hard for me to believe that Dr. King's dream included Harold's smiling visage pandering in front of a confederate flag. He debases the African American community and all people who understand the hatred the flag implies.

Howling Latina,

Thanks for highlighting my post, sweetheart. One day, I hope to write with as much grace and passion as you do. Until then, I’ve provided my readers with a link to your blog.
Thank you, newest friend.

We are one in Spirit, soul and cause.
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