Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Help Wanted - Outreach Director

Soon-to-be former Rep. Harold Ford has a job opening as Confederate outreach director for his 2008 U.S. Senate campaign, Skeptictal Brotha reports.

Brotha helpfully lists the job duties, qualifications and contact information. Unless soon-to-be former Sen. George Felix Allen is running in '08, experienced staff from his Confederate outreach program in Virginia are encouraged to apply.

Here are a few of the qualifications; for further details, see Brother Brotha.
Plan and implement confederate outreach strategy for Tennesse for Harold Ford, Jr. for U.S. SENATE 2008. Identify and cultivate allies among right-wing, neo-fascist, confederate nostalgia groups. Partner with existing confederate nostalgia groups to work in areas of public opinion, grassroots organizing, and coalition building to increase awareness of Harold Ford, Jr and his right-wing, confederate friendly agenda. Plan, organize and/or attend educational events, community forums, cross burnings and other “speaking” engagements;Identify dissemination points for Harold Ford, Jr propaganda materials and messages, including potential local ad placement opportunities that feature Harold Ford, Jr flanked by all manner of confederate regalia, flags, and all other types of confederate bulls#*t.

I nominate George 'MACACA-FELIX' Allen.

Ford was the victim of a racist smear campaign, now you are just piling on. You should be ashamed of yourself for victimizing a victim.
Good lord HL, why don't you just go lynch the poor man. Ford isn't "posing." It looks to me that he walkedinto some place in the course of his campaign that had a confederate flag painted on the wall. He greets some supporters who, because they are white, you ASSUME are racists! Some opportunist standing nearby sees Ford, sees the flag, and snaps a couple of pictures.

Ford was the victim of a swear, now you and Skeptical Brotha are lynching him online. I hope you are proud of yourselves.
Ford is a bright young guy who ran a great campaign. He took what would have been an easy Republican hold of the Tennessee seat and made it a competitive race. He forced the Republicans to spend money in Tennessee that might otherwise have been spent in Virginia or Montana. He is therefore just as responsible for the Democratic takeover of the Senate as anyone else this year.

I have just two words to say to Harold Ford. Thank you.
HL, you can't be a force against intolerance if you're willing to attack people by imputing views to them based solely on something like standing in front of a confederate flag. And that goes for Skeptical Brotha, too.

The following appears to be your and Skeptical Brotha's premise: the Confederate battle flag is a symbol of racism. Displaying the confederate battle flag means one is a racist and a criminal who believes in lynching, cross-burnings, and oppression of black folks. There can be no other reason to display this flag, such as ancestors who fought for the confederacy or historical interest or cultural interest. Displaying the
Confederate battle flag can ONLY mean one is an evil white racist. Anyone who stands near, displays, touches, or in any way shows anything other than antipathy toward the confederate battle flag is a white racist who wants to keep the black folks down. If someone like Harold Ford is spotted next to a confederate battle flag he's a sellout. There could be no possible alternative explanation for his doing so, such as he happened to be near the display when encountering some white supporters, he maybe does not believe that displaying the confederate battle flag does not automatically make one a white racist, or he's not really interested in refighting the civil war and understands that even folks who do not have antipathy toward the confederate battle flag may have other much more common ground with him.

Intolerance is not attractive or useful from either the right or the left. Really, HL, if you ever go driving out in the country and happen upon a car with a confederate flag sticker on it do you automatically assume the passengers and driver are a bunch of evil racists? If you spot a confederate flag in a window or at a store do you assume that it means the owner is a member of the KKK? Doesn't this sound too extreme to you?
Nope, not me.

I think Harold Ford pandered to worst instincts in Dixie.

You can win in the South without "going there," as former Gov. & current Mayor of Richmond Doug Wilder proved in Virginia.

Just think...if we'd had a better candidate, all that $$$ woudn't have been wasted! I refuse to be grateful out of "fear."


Just replace Confederate Flag with Nazi Flag and read that diatribe you wrote again, out loud, Please.

There is a reason why Jewish candidates don't seek out neo-Nazi's to chat-up. That would be sign of no self-respect and it would literally be spitting in the faceS of the people who lost family to the NAZI HOLOCAUST.
HL, Doug Wilder posed in front of a Confederate flag for the cover of his book "Hell Froze Over."

Are you accusing Doug Wilder of the same kind insensitivity as Harold Ford, Jr.?

You've gone over the edge.

Ford ran the kind campaign he had to run to win. He almost did, but at least he tied down enough Republican money to make it possible to pick up the 6 of 7 contested seats we needed to win control of the Senate.

Your attacks, along with those of Skeptical Brotha, are a betrayal of a fellow Democrat, made all the more poignant by the fact that Ford fell victim to blatant racism during his camapign.

After the sacrifices he made, your attacks are simply despicable.
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This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Oh so "he ran the type of campaign he needed to win"?@!?

That is, pander to the "worst angels in each of us."

This is not exactly the "ethos" HL wants in a candidate, which is exactly why she, as all progressives, loudly condemned Allen's little picture with the CCC, the known white supremacist group.

What's the difference, do pray tell!
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