Thursday, November 30, 2006

Hell No, We Won't Go...

There's something Howling Latina has been thinking about for the last few weeks, perhaps even longer; and that is, Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity and other cable news personalities having Democratic senators and consultants on their shows.

Why bother talking to the batwings at all?!? Do a Bush-Allen and give interviews only to folks that you like.

In fact, Brent Budowsky of Huffington Post articulated the exact sentiment ruminating in HL's mind about punishing idiot shock cable types by no-showing.

I would respectfully propose to the Democratic Leadership, and I am not beyond doing this in person, that they cut off one or two people who are the most egregious offenders. And that may include a couple of so-called Democratic consultariats who go on these shows.

When these Democrats get invitations to these shows because they are Democrats, they should say to the Fox and Baby Fox shows: no way, aint going to participate, we do not do "Democrats beat their wives yes or no" interviews. You want to do that stuff, you can do all Republican television and make it official and Democrats will take their views and news elsewhere.

Most important of all, everybody needs to get this straight: bipartisanship does not mean that Bush is intolerant, rude, avoids responsiblity, will continue to make the same mistakes, and undermines the Baker Group before they have even reported.

It's a new day in America; and the new boys and gals in town with lots and lots of power running the show are DEMOCRATS!

Yes, Chris, remember you deriding Jim Webb during his Senate campaign?!? Start sucking up, like only you know how, or Jim-no-show on "Hardball."

We must be doing something right. We have an entire blog setup by the righties dedicated to attacking you and I. HAHA!
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