Thursday, November 30, 2006

George Will's Phony Outrage

Howling Latina supposes George Will is trying to mend fences with GOP bigwigs after he trashed them during the recent election cycle, especially since they so totally lost.

And what better way to burnish one's phony genteel conservative credentials than to write about the Webb-Bush incident in a totally perverted way that has no resemblance to reality?

Why, it's what GOP batwings love; but hell, even the Richmond Times-Dispatch got the story right, this time!

Well, Mr. Highfalutin Will, where was your outrage when Vice President Dick Cheney told a Democratic senator to fuck himself on the Senate floor a few years ago? A quick search on LexisNexis and yep, not a word of condemnation from your pompous pen or lips.

In fact, your GOP buddy, soon-to-be former Senate Majority Bill Frist rallied around the vice-president and excused his boorish behavior. But take HL's word for it, read on.
Majority Leader Bill Frist refused on Sunday to criticize Vice President Dick Cheney for cursing on the floor of the Senate in a confrontation with a Democratic senator.

The Tennessee Republican indicated that Cheney's outburst at Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.) could be attributed to political passions aroused by the election year.

GOPers, don't look at the plank in your brother's eyes when your entire party has been tainted and blinded by an entire forest of lies and venom for the past six years.

Give it a rest; you lost; it hurts, but first is denial, then rage, than acceptance. Move on.

Update: It looks like plenty of folks agree with HL over at Americablog.

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