Friday, November 24, 2006

George Allen Made the Top Ten List

Bridget Johnson of National Review Online has a top-ten list, only it's five: the top five reasons Republicans should be happy this Thanksgiving in spite of the thumpin' at the polls by Democrats on Nov. 7.

Headlining the list and straight out of Fox News Election Day talking points is the stale canard that Al Qaeda was rooting for a Democratic victory.

Second on the list is the fact that "Iran probably won’t have nukes by next Thanksgiving." No thanks to the Bush administration, Howling Latina might add.

Next on the list is George Allen's loss, which means the goober senator won't be running for president in '08, after all.

Sen. George Allen, fresh off his defeat by steamy-book-writer Jim Webb, will most likely not be the Republican nominee for the White House in 2008. And that’s a good thing, because I want the GOP to keep the White House, and Allen would not win. I admit I never was a champion of his candidacy even before he uttered the “macaca” heard ’round the world. I used to disagree with pundits who lifted him up as the next beacon of light for the GOP just on the grounds that the man is about as exciting as paint thinner. Put against a charismatic, if ideologically lamebrained, Democratic opponent in the presidential race, he would lose. After the Webb race, Allen’s political closet is now very obviously stuffed with things for the Democrats to use. And the Republicans can’t afford to go into such a key contest already limping.

Well, Virginia Democrats aim to please and are happy to bring a little good cheer to GOPers during the holiday season.

Moving right along, John Murtha's Congressional leadership loss is number four. You see, it proves he's not "as cool as he thought." Or as Leader Pelosi thought; or as progressive bloggers wanted; or as Dandy Jim Moran devined; or....

The final item GOPers are grateful about is that "Saddam Hussein is a dead turkey walking."
Ramsey Clark will have to find a new judiciary to annoy. Saddam’s appeal — which will take about 20 years less than a capital case in the U.S. — has been proceeding even as European progressives attempt revenge by ludicrously trying to nail Donald Rumsfeld on war crimes. We don’t yet know if Saddam will be executed by Christmas, New Year’s, or Groundhog Day, but it will be a holiday in Iraq nonetheless (except perhaps in pouty Tikrit).
Oh, such warm and joyful thoughts around the fireplace with some eggnog.

One word of caution, though. You may want to be careful what you wish for; there may be a few skeletons of the dead that might one day rise and be linked to all sorts of leaders; some, gasp, even from the United States, like Rummey, Big Time or Dubya.

One thing is for sure. Johnson is right. Allen's loss to Webb is a win for Republicans. But let's not lose sight of the big picture; it's not only a win for Republicans, but for nation, world and universe.

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