Friday, November 17, 2006

A Cry in the Wilderness from Tom Davis

Heed the warnings of Rep. Tom Davis, R-VA., Republican wingnuts.

The Washington Post front-pages the metro section with the following observation, "After Two Big Losses, the Virginia Party's Ideological Divide Intensifies."

After suffering three consecutive state-wide losses as a result of moderates and independents "running away from the party," Davis thinks the party needs to retool and quit nominating folks "from one region exclusively."
"It's cost us the governorship, and it's cost us the Senate seat," said Rep. Thomas M. Davis III (R) of Fairfax, a leading moderate who argues that the Republican Party has ignored Northern Virginia and its growing number of Democratic voters at its own peril. "A lot of it is cultural. There is a cultural divide.
Of course, some might argue that Davis's centrist message is self-serving. Republican Sen. John Warner is rumored to want to retire in '08 and Davis is gearing up to run for the GOP Senate seat if Warner retires.

Amazingly, the radical conservative wing of the party believes recent losses only prove that GOPers need to stiffen their backbone and cut more taxes.

Here's a little dose of reality. The next governor in the commonwealth will be instrumental on how Virginia draws district lines after the next census. And all those cushy gerrymandered districts (and yes, this shout-out especially goes to delegates like Lingamfelter and Frederick from Northern Virginia), will be in grave danger if someone like Deeds or even Warner presides over the process.

In fact, Howling Latina thinks that the next governor's race will pit former Gov. Mark Warner against Sen./Gov. George Allen. Both have presidential ambitions; and both know how important the winner will be to the task of Virginia either remaining red or turning a shade of blue.

When thinking about Ed Gillespie as the new Republican Chair for Virginia, HL can't help but note how far and fast Gillespie has fallen. Only a few months ago, the New York Times reported whispers of Gillespie as new White House Chief of Staff to replace outgoing Andrew Card.

Gillespie is a horrible choice. It's not like his political design made for a winning Allen campaign team. Davis is right to warn his ultra-rightwing friends.

Work with Gov. Tim Kaine and solve the traffic problem in Northern Virginia or watch your safe districts go up in smoke, sooner rather than later.

The new district lines don't have to wait for the next census, thanks to Tom "I look in strips" Delay. We should look at doing it for the 2008 election.
You know, you're absolutely right!

But...with GOPers in charge of both House and Senate in Virginia, it might a little hard to get through, though.
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