Thursday, November 16, 2006

Carville Slapped by Emanuel

Hotline reports this morning that DCCC Chair Rahm Emanuel has put some "distance" between himself and Democratic political operative James Carville.

Carville has been publicly calling for the ouster of DNC Chair Howard Dean.

You see, Dean's brilliant 50-state strategy did not originate with Carville or his stale tried-and-true method of losing elections.

Emanuel called Dean this morning to distance himself from the tone and general tenor of Carville's remarks. In a short conversation, Emanuel acknowledged that he shared some of Carville's opinions about the DNC's priorities but said he did not share Carville's wish that Dean ought to be ousted as DNC chair.

Dean called Emanuel on election night, and the two had a friendly conversation, according to sources affiliated with both men.

Both Dean and Emanuel have agreed to meet in the future and strategically plan for the 2008 election cycle. And "[b]oth sides hope to reach, in advance, an understanding about how the Democratic party committees will fund state parties and candidate committees. "

Yes, that would indeed be helpful; in the meantime, Mr. Carville, STFU.

I don't understand why anyone pays any attention to James Carville. He's been totally irrelevant for the last 10 years or so and he has no ideas, insights or abilities that scads of lesser known strategists are missing.
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