Saturday, November 04, 2006

Allen's Arrest Record Hits Mainstream Media

Contrary to to the sentiment expressed by Virginia progressive bloggers, Howling Latina is giddy with the recent news that Allen thugs formed a human shield to prevent Mike Stark from asking Sen George Felix "Macaca" Allen about his arrest record.

Now what most Virginians didn't know, they learned today, thanks to some dumb Allen supporter. The Associated Press via the Washington Post has nicely framed the story of Stark being set up, arrested and then released with the requisite background that reports of Allen's secret arrest record as well as the previous body-slamming incident of Stark by Allen goons.
On Saturday, Allen supporters formed a human wall to block Stark's access to the senator, who is in a tight election race with Democrat Jim Webb. As Stark tried to sidestep the wall, he brushed the side of a supporter, who fell. A deputy sheriff grabbed Stark, put his arm behind his back and led him away to the cheers of about 100 Allen supporters.

More bullying and bullshit.

On Tuesday, Stark was put in a chokehold and slammed to the floor by three Allen supporters in Charlottesville in an incident captured on video. Witnesses said Stark approached Allen, loudly asking, "Why did you spit at your first wife, George?" in an attempt to ask Allen about his legal history.

Albemarle County records show Allen received two summonses in 1974, but supporting documents were destroyed long ago. Allen has said the offenses were for fishing without a license and unpaid parking tickets.

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