Friday, November 10, 2006

About Nancy Pelosi...

Just a little post to gloat.

Howling Latina was incessed when progressives were trashing Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi back in May in a little DailyKos survey.

It was heartbreaking to note that a bunch of progressives were making all kinds of assertions about how stupid Pelosi was, bladdy, bladdy, bladdy, blah, read on.

All is forgiven, though. Just glad you were dead wrong; and next time, don't be so quick to trash a woman. Remember, Congressman John Murtha was her campaign manager for the top spot, after all.

Great Blog. Here's to hoping that Pelosi kicks some ass as Speaker.
Have to admit, on election night, I was worried about Speaker Pelosi. I think a "liberal Speaker" will alienate Americans for 2008. Thus far, she has be completely moderate and bipartisan. She's really impressed me. I hope she keeps it up!
Nice post.

I also noticed a lot of Republicans talking about how much they hated her, but upon 'further investigation', they really knew little to nothing about her(good going Bill O'reilly, you've got those minions wrapped around your finger, eh?). I think she'll make a great speaker.
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