Wednesday, November 15, 2006

About Bennie Lambert

Howling Latina was outraged when Democratic State Sen. Bennie Lambert staunchly supported soon-to-be former-Sen. George Felix Allen, Jr., a staunch conservative Republican with a racist past.

Just as Donna Edwards strongly challenged Democratic Rep. Albert R. Wynn of Maryland for his staunch support of the Iraq War and the bankruptcy bill, HL privately hoped that a Democratic candidate might challenge Lambert next year for supporting the GOP candidate instead of Jim Webb.

Today, Michael Paul Williams of Richmond Times-Dispatch writes, "With George Allen and the Republican majority voted out of Congress, where does Benny Lambert go from here?"
It may be overstating things to call him a man without a home. But state Sen. Benjamin J. Lambert III, D-Richmond, resides in political purgatory since he crossed party lines to back the re-election bid of Allen, a GOP incumbent in need of a course in racial and ethnic sensitivity.
No, that's putting it kindly and mildly. Williams points out, "Webb would be wise to follow through on Allen's pledge to secure the money." But not just because black voters were the margin of victory for Webb but because it's the absolute right thing to do.

With 90 percent of black voters supporting Jim Webb in Virginia, it sure looks like they weren't fooled by Lambert, just as they weren't fooled by Steele in Maryland, Blackwell in Ohio and Swann in Pennsylvania.

Hallelujah and a thousand Hosannas! Virginia black voters overcame and outsmarted GOP political operatives and their evil misleading contortions that an Allen victory was good for black Virginians.

Update: Never, ever trust google image without "fact checking." HL apologizes for posting the wrong picture. H/T to Conaway B. Haskins III in the comment section.

FYI - that's not Lambert's pic...
Damn. It never fails. You can't trust google image.

Thanks for the heads-up!
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