Saturday, October 28, 2006

Why Virginia Remains a Toss-Up

With the exception of the Los Angeles Times poll, the majority of surveys show the race between Sen. George Allen and Jim Webb a statistical dead heat with the nudge going to Allen.

So why do political analysts like Dan Balz and Chris Cillizza of the Washington Post continue to rate Virginia a toss-up in the Senate race?!?

In thinking about the last few statewide races, the striking parallel for Howling Latina is media endorsements. When both Warner and Kaine won their respective governors' race, the Washington Post, Roanoke Times, Daily Press, Free Lance-Star, Daily News Leader and other smaller newspapers throughout the commonwealth lined up to endorse them.

Of course, Times-Dispatch and Washington Times supported their opponents. But even if the most qualified Democratic candidate, ever (you know, like Jim Webb), were to run against Daffy Duck in a contest, both newspapers would find an excuse why they were endorsing Miss Duck instead.

Nevertheless, if media endorsements echo '01 and '05 and Webb wins his equal share, Howling Latina predicts Allen will lose; and he can then realize his long-standing dream of life in Iowa, South Carolina, California or wherever his goober racists racist heart takes him in shame.

Quack, quack...

Update: Roanoke Times has endorsed Al Weed. H/T to Waldo Jaquith. Get ready to cry a river when they endorse Webb, Warped View.

You can toss my salad any day, guarra! :)
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