Monday, October 02, 2006

Why Are Republicans Obsessed with Sex & Gays

You would think that with the latest news about yet another Republican caught with his political pants down, sort've speak, obliviating about "values" when their leaders tacitly approved a sexual predator in their midst for political gain, might not be what you want the discourse to be about only weeks away from election.

But nope, Republicans are addicted to sex.

After casting aspersions at Jeanette Rishell because she had the temerity to quote Bible verses during a debate (only rabid GOP wingnuts are allowed to do so, apparently), Bruce Li, a so-called conservative blogger, decided to take Rishell to task because she happens to be open-minded and doesn't think we ought to have the government inside our bedrooms whispering sweet little accusations in our ears about our private sex life.

Like GOP heroic giant Ronald Reagan rightly told the nation, the problem with America is when an intrusive government tries to run their lives.


Unfortunately, the Republican Party has been taken over by their Jerry Falwell faction that has morphed into James Dobson Pharisee elites; and a vote for Jackson Miller would be a vote for Falwell, Dobson, Reed and everything they stand for and everything that's wrong with the Republican Party today.

In other words, Miller ain't no Republican in the traditional Goldwater-Reagan conservative kind of way.

Perhaps if fruits were merely demanding privacy, rather than approval, your rant would have some merit.
I'd just like her to take a stand for her beliefs and tell us what her policies are. What's wrong with being honest with the voters about where you stand?

Of you can just call me a bigot again. I know, it's a lot easier.
I don't think Greg L is a bigot but I called him sanctimonious sounding on his own site.

The Bible doesn't belong to him. It doesn't belong to me. Sincere people of faith can disagree about the meaning of various Scriptural passages. But none of us have a monopoly on truth.

A little spiritual humility would go a long way.

BTW, Andrew Sullivan, a conservative, gay, Catholic has a beautiful article on just that topic of spiritual humility in this week's Time Magazine. I recommend it to everybody regardless of your political or religious beliefs.
An old Southern baptist preacher from the church I attended in Manassas called people like Greg L. spiritually proud.
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