Saturday, October 28, 2006

Vote Against Slandering Allen - Today!

Today the Virginian-Pilot headlines Allen's depraved half-baked attack on Webb's writings and frames it as an "Allen tactic called high-risk" by media pundits and political analysts..

Howling Latina would also add that the latest Allen gambit is fatuously hare-brained.

This morning readers of the Washington Post learned that Allen had been trying to get the media to talk about Webb's novels on background but no one would bite. Only after Allen publicly attacked Webb did the story see the light of day.

It's called accountability, folks.

Like the U-tube video of Allen verbally assaulting a young man of color, voters can now see first-hand what a mean-spirited, empty suit they have in Congress in their junior senator who shamelessly attacks a war hero author.

Voters can express their outrage by sending the clear and unmistakable message to sleazy political consultants and public officials on Nov. 7. Baselessly smearing an opponent is a sure way to lose an election; and when Webb wins on Election Day and an astounded Allen in all his canned meanness is ignobly sent packing, nation and Virginia will be better for it.

In the meantime, readers please tell Virginian-Pilot that Webb's novels are not fair game for criticism in his bid for a U.S. Senate seat right here.

Out of 742 votes so far, 58.63 agree with Howling Latina that Goober Allen is out of bounds in linking Webb's unassailable record and character to his fictional characters.

Only 40.3 percent think Webb's literature is fair game; but from the comments on the site, it looks like Allen's verbal shot across the political schema has terribly backfired and swayed undecided voters to now vote for Webb.

Way to go, soon-to-be former senator!

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