Saturday, October 07, 2006

Twelve Years Ago...

It seems as if it were only yesterday; twelve years ago conservative Republicans batwings were scheming of ways to boot Sen. John Warner from the Republican Party.

You know, like they tried to do to State Sen. Russ Potts.

And what were Warner's sins? Apparently having a few independent brain cells inside his head and using them.

You see, Warner had refused to endorse Ollie North for the Senate seat in 1994; and he'd also refused to endorse Mike Farris for lieutenant governor the prior year.

Sen. George Felix Allen strongly supported both. Farris "was obviously my candidate for lieutenant governor last year," Allen is quoted saying by The Roanoke Times in 1994, "and I disagree[d] with him about Ollie North.''

This is the same Ollie North who shamed and disgraced the Reagan White House with his illegal shenanigans; and the same Michael Farrell, father of 11 children, home school activist, religious right extraordinaire and chairman of the Madison Project, a grassroots community that raises $$$ for other likeminded religious wingnuts.

Hmmm, so if George Allen had won the day, Virginians would have had a convicted felon as their senator and a rabid religious fanatic as their lieutenant governor.

Allen was wrong in the past; and he is wrong TODAY!

In an earlier column this year, The Virginian-Pilot noted that "in 2004, when the state was debating a major tax hike, Warner sided with then-Democratic Gov. Mark Warner and centrist Senate Republicans in backing a tax increase for education, health care and public safety."

But not Allen.
[W]hen the GOP senators showed up in Richmond during a tax fight over transportation funding, Warner outlined the cost of not coming up with a larger state transportation budget: lost federal funds.
No siree not Allen; he sided with the intransigent obstructionist right wingers, of course.

And then last December there were three motions in the Senate: one was to "protect Medicaid from cuts, another was to protect food stamps from cuts, and...a third was to exclude the temporary assistance for needy families from the budget" the Roanoke Times reported last winter.

In all three of these, our senior senator, John Warner, voted in favor of protecting these programs that enable people to lift themselves out of poverty.

It seems Allen has a long history of endorsing every lamebrained idea and position by the radical GOP wing faction. It is either for political expediency, stupidity or BOTH!

Right now there's a "26-point gap" separating Warner from Allen in the liberal-conservative continium, with "Warner closer to the center," even if it's to the right.

Let's face it. Allen does not represent "real" Virginians; he's too radical; we are not a band of rabid wingnuts.

Staying the course in Iraq and rubber stamping every disastrous Republican bill out of Congress and every policy out of the White House affirms that Allen is outside of mainstream Virginia values.

In the past, Allen has supported a felon and a zealot; and today he supports a dunce and the culture of corruption in Congress.

What a cruel, cruel sick joke. Now, does any truthful person out there really believe that Warner would still be supporting Allen over Webb if they were both Republicans?!?

All charges against Oliver North were dismissed. You left that out.
The charges were dismissed after he'd been convicted and only because stupid Democrats had given the convicted felon blanket immunity when he testified before them.

You forgot to mention that!
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