Thursday, October 26, 2006

Times Community Newspapers Endorse Jim Webb

Times Community newspapers, publisher of the Fauquier Times-Democrat in Fauquier County, Clarke Times-Courier in Clarke County, Fairfax County Times in Fairfax County, Loudoun Times- Mirror in Loudoun County, Gainesville Times in Prince William County, Rappahannock News in Rappahannock County, Culpeper Citizen in Culpeper County and Alexandria Times in Alexandria, Virginia has endorsed Jim Webb.

"Jim Webb has the courage and integrity to ask the right questions," Times tells readers, and "[h]is leadership, record and fresh outlook give him the clear edge" over Allen.

Sen. Allen's numerous gaffes and record prove the time is right for a change. Democratic challenger Jim Webb offers independent thinking, dogged determination and strong military experience.

Webb rightfully questions President Bush's Iraq war policy. Back in 2002, he warned that that the war in Iraq meant the U.S. would be mired in a long-term commitment without any escape plan. Instead of Allen's "stay the course" plan, Webb wants to involve Iraq's neighbors in the process of solidifying that country through a strategic, diplomatic solution.

There are vast differences between the candidates. Webb stands out because of his commitment to stand up for average Virginians. He opposes raising taxes that would impact a broad range of Americans. He supports President Bush's plan to reduce taxes on small and mid-sized estates, but rightfully supports higher taxes on multi-million dollar estates. And he wants to examine the loopholes built into the corporate tax code and increase the state's minimum wage, which has remained at $5.15 since 1997.


Howling Latina has privately wondered if the publisher's strong endorsement of Gov. Tim Kaine last fall might have been responsible for his surprising win in Loudoun and Prince William Counties; it certainly didn't help Kilgore, that's for sure.

No matter. Times- Community endorsement of Webb is yet one more feather in his quickly filling cap to beat back the lies and spin from the Allen campaign team and win on Nov. 7. .

And along with Webb they also strongly endorsed Frank Wolf...
Yea, I hated to see that least it shows they're no liberal blowhard.
Very encouraging. Thanks for the news, HL.
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