Saturday, October 28, 2006

Roanoke Times Will Endorse Jim Webb

After searching op-eds in the Roanoke Times, Howling Latina feels confident, to the point of near certainty, that Times will pen a scathing rebuke of Sen. George "Macaca" Allen tomorrow and endorse Jim Webb.

And for folks who've been wondering why Allen attacked Webb's character on the flimsy notion that fiction mirrors reality, dollars to a donut the Allen campaign suspected a Webb endorsement from Times is imminent -- based exactly on the strength of Webb's moral fibre and national security gravitas, the very two issues Allen thought he would have on his side of the playing field.

Allen couldn't very well attack Webb on national security because he and Bush have made a colossal mess out of the Middle East, so to soften the blow of a Webb Times endorsement and counter favorable Webb press from here until Nov. 7, Allen opted to throw a last minute flee-flicker to try to save his sorry dumb racist ass.

Indeed, there probably will be other endorsements this Sunday, maybe even from Daily Press. For HL, the tell-tale sign that Allen was in deep political macaca was when Times Community Newspapers and Virginian-Pilot endorsed the eminently qualified Webb.

Let's face it, Allen's paltry credentials are almost an insult when compared to Webb's lofty and senatorial stature.

i hope you're right about the endorsement.
I appreciate your blog latina. For some reason I believe you. I'm new to RK (Army family, BIG Webb supporter) I live in Washington State. I've hit your site a few times recently and I like it. I'm a bit biased though...this caucasion of Irish heritage likes Latina ladies. My wife is Puerto Rican and an Army officer. Keep up the great work. I hope you're right...I mean correct!
How about both?

You were right!
Yea... and the Catholic Church endorsed Hitler... so what? An endorsement doesn't mean anything. It's the votes that count. My fear is Democratic voter fraud. I don't see Virginia voting for this pipsqueek. Better buy a fire extinquisher. He's goin' down in flames!
Desperate spin from desperate clueless fans.
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