Friday, October 27, 2006

Media Hot on the Trail of Allen's Sealed Divorce Records

Taegan Goddard's Political Wire reports that at least one newshound was on the west coast sniffing around to see what was inside Allen's sealed divorce records; he writes:

A very reputable political reporter tells me this isn't from Democratic opposition research and that it's probably coming out because many feel Allen "crossed the line" when he started talking about Jim Webb's novels.

I'm told divorce records are usually sealed for two reasons: (a) to protect kids, and (b) to protect large financial fortunes. Neither situation applies in Allen's case, so the suspicion is that it's something not very nice.

Josh Marshall of Talking Points has more on the subject.
The Allen campaign refuses to return our calls asking whether Sen. Allen will release his sealed divorce major national daily had a reporter in LA for at least a week trying to nail down the story. It’s what every Washington insider is talking about: what’s inside those sealed records down in Albemarle County.
Howling Latina has always believed that if you live by the sword, you'll also die by the sword. This stupid idea of demagoguing Webb because he wrote a fictionalized account of what he may have actually witnessed in 'Nam looks more and more like the backfiring blast of the Bob Corker and Jerry Kilgore variety.

A loser. And now reporters are hot on the trail to learn what exactly is inside those pesky files and what Allen is trying to hide THIS TIME. So much cloak and dagger from the guy who insists on telling us all how well we know him.

Howling--now you're really stretching. Kinda desperate don't you think?

Yawn--the divorce is much ado about nothing.
PS--where's the records on Webb's previous 2 (it's 2 right--I lost track) divorces.
hey Elle

was Allen introduced at a political rally by his ex-wife? Webb was, by the mother of his children. He ans she are on very good terms, and she introduced him at his kickoff rally.

Hmm - often when Dems get divorced they stay on good terms with ex-spouses. Bob Kerrey was also like that.

But Republicans? Should we talk about Newt, for example?

Oh, multiple divorces with Republicans not good? How about Bob Barr, also on wife #3? Or the two divorces John Warner had from the woman who gave him his fortune (Catherine Mellon Bruce) and his Senate seat (Elizabeth Taylor)?
In Hampton Roads-Thelma Drake is on marriage #3.
Republican view on marriage: one man, and one woman at a time.
FWIW, the lowest divorce rate in the country is in the "liberal NorthEast."
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