Monday, October 09, 2006

Jim Webb is the MAN!

Howling Latina is just so darn proud of Jim Webb; and is counting the days until Nov. 7th to wave goodbye to the phony goober once and for all.

In tonights debate, Allen came across like the peevish small-minded man that he is, repeatedly asking Webb some dumb ass question that had absolutely no bearing on the over-arching issue of who the best man is to lead Virginia forward and far, far away from Bush's disastrous policies.

Every viewer knew that Allen had memorized the magical number of Virginians who'd benefited from Bush's tax give-away to the rich; and of course, this meaningless 3 million figure quoted by Allen includes every person who received as little as a dollar.

Indeed, the $2000 savings quoted by Allen is excessively skewed by the mammoth tax savings to the uber-rich. A more honest number is the median, the half-way point between the top and bottom in the tax pardigm.

For example, if out of 25 million Virginia workers 24,990,000 receive $1 and the remaining 10000 each receive $100 million, well, one doesn't have to be a rocket scientist to discern that the statistical average figure wouldn't exactly represent an accurate sketch of the extent the "average" Virginian benefited from Bush's tax cut.

Elementary, dear folks, elementary.

During the entire 60 minutes, Allen sounded scripted, every forced smile, concoted, every word a talking point. On the other hand, Webb came across as honest, deliberative, authentic and knowledgeable.

HL thinks Allen and his cronies are going to be mighty surprised when they wake up Nov. 8 and learn the junior senator got the boot by a few "real" Virginians.

Webb is the absolute best challenger running against an incumbent in '06; and ideology aside, Webb deserves to win on merit alone.

The reason tax cuts go to those more wealthy is because the wealthy are largely paying the taxes. Screw your head on, and absorb the following.

Here are the numbers from the Statistical Abstract of the United States:

The top 7 percent of those filing returns, those reporting adjusted gross income of $75,000 or more, paid 51 percent of total U.S. income taxes.
People making $75,001, a group that includes many households in which both spouses work, may object that they don't feel particularly rich. They should talk to a single mom who's mopping floors. But let's work our way up the income scale:
The top 3 percent of filers, those making $100,000-plus, paid 40 percent of the taxes.
The top four-fifths of 1 percent of filers, who make $200,000 or more, paid 26 percent of the taxes.
The top one-twentieth of 1 percent of filers, those making $1 million or more--and Tom Wolfe's little demonstration in Bonfire of the Vanities notwithstanding, nobody's going to tell me those guys aren't rich--paid 10 percent of the taxes. That's a mere 67,000 households, who on average paid income tax of $707,000 apiece.
Like Jim Webb said, corporate welfare is rampant in the Republican controlled Congress.

The middle class has been squeezed by rising tuition costs, stagnant wages, and so on while the rich have gotten richer.

During the Bush presidency, the difference between the top and bottom has grown exponentially; everyone but the uber-rich is in a race to the BOTTOM!
Oh, and even if one accepts your premise as the unequivocal truth, then why not make the case on that basis instead of using the skewed "average" figure quoted by the dissembling senator?!?
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