Friday, October 27, 2006

Jeanette Rishell - Transportation Trumps All

The Washington Post today endorsed Jeanette Rishell, the Democratic candidate to replace the late Republican Del. Harry J. Parrish in the 50th District over her Republican opponent, Jackson H. Miller.

Transportation leads the list of concerns for Northern Virginians; but GOP leaders in the House have consistently blocked Gov. Tim Kaine's efforts to find new sources of revenue and relieve the chronic congestion commuters face each day on their way to work.

Rishell strongly supports a dedicated stream of monies to solve the dilemna. Her opponent, on the other hand, believes on "staying the course" with his fellow GOPers in Richmond and talking and wishing the problem away.

Bromides for consumption is not a solution; and as Northern Virginians face ever-increasing traffic on the highways and longer commutes each morning and evening, they should hold the party responsible for gridlock accountable.

On this supremely important issue, Rishell is commited to keeping Virginians moving forward; and she is unquestionably the worthier candidate.

Harry Parrish, Jr., endorsed Miller...which do you think will carry more weight?
I dunno know. I can still remember when the Post endorsed former Rep. Connie Morella in Maryland and how she upset the Democrat in a fairly blue district.
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