Saturday, October 21, 2006

In the Spirit of the Calendar

Raising Kaine has posted a list with the top 10 reasons Virginians should vote for Jim Webb on Nov. 7.

In the spirit of the calendar, Howling Latina would now like to throw her top 10 reasons why any sane Virginian should choose Webb over Allen on Election Day.

#1- He was prescient about the war in Iraq months before Bush decided to invade a sovereign country.

#2- He will oversee the Executive Branch to ensure no more catastrophes and ill-conceived forays that have shed the blood of thousands of American soldiers, hundreds of thousands of Iraqis, cost billions upon billions of dollars to American taxpayers and rendered the Middle East situation considerably worst than even one day after 9/11.

#3- He is a more authentic, truthful person. Bush-Allen are a pair of unapologetic chronic liars who try to rewrite history and think American voters will swallow their lies as long as they are "framed" with the appropriate candy-cane "packaging" that are optical illusions meant to deceive.

#4- He will do more for the working and middle class interests (as opposed to megabuck corporate donors).

#5- He will take the nation back to what used to be a core Republican principle -- geting the government out of our lives -- in this instance, our private bedrooms.

#6- He will be a valuable and experienced voice in the Senate who'll immediately make a difference. If rumors are accurate of an imminent Warner retirement, does Virginia really want Sen. Felix Allen Macawitz, Jr. to be the senior Senate representative for the commonwealth?

#7- He's not Bush-Allen; he is principled, as his life story clearly shows.

#8- He's smarter than Bush-Allen, as once again his life story shows.

#9- He's not a racist like Allen who has made a career out of segregating groups into "us" versus "outsiders."

#10-And finally, does any sane person outside the most rabid Republican really think that if Webb were the GOP candidate, the Republicans wouldn't be touting him as the Second Coming of the Messiah? It's obvious Webb is the best man for the job, as the Washington Post wrote this week when they unconditionally endorsed him.

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