Saturday, October 07, 2006

GOP Bloggers are Idiots!

An "F" for the idiots!

During the last few days, radical conservative bloggers have been ranting and raving because Webb referenced in his text one of the most heralded authors of a cannon used by sociologists, economists, rhetoricians, political scientists and other social scientists.

These dunces apparently have never heard the notion that canons transcend time and space; and are useful to social theorists, scientists and serious observers of modern culture and government because they hold underlying "truths" that are evident in contemporary societies.

If it were up to this merry band of dunces, books that don't comport to their neocon ideal would be burned, to save the children that their leaders have been sexually ravaging, of course.

Meanwhile, back at the lying dude ranch, the Associated Press via Daily Press reports that a "U.S. Naval Academy graduate contends in a new ad for Republican Sen. George Allen that Allen's Democratic challenger, Jim Webb, misquoted her in a magazine article he authored in 1979."

Only one weeny, teeny, little problem. "[H]er name never appeared in the article."
Buxbaum [also] has no copy of the draft nor the waiver she claims she refused to sign. Nor could she cite specific misquotes or characterizations in the story that she believes came from her.
BUSTED! again!

One could call them a "Confederacy of Dunces" with Allen as the main dunce.
The is part of the right's "War on the Literate".
I wonder what's more stupid. Doing what you describe, or not knowing the difference between "cannon" and "canon"?
Hey, no one said I was a great proofreader, as evidenced by my many rewrites. But thanks for the kind heads-up.
Once is a mistake; twice (you only managed to correct one) is something else.
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