Sunday, October 29, 2006

Gloucester-Mathews Gazette-Journal Endorses Webb & O'Donnell

On the basis of run-away federal deficits, tax cuts for the uber-rich and corruption in Congress by way of Abramoff and Foley, the Gloucester-Mathews Gazette-Journal, the hometown paper of Rep. Jo Ann Davis, has endorsed Jim Webb for the Senate and Shawn O'Donnell for Congress in the 1st District.

Here are their reasons:

[A]fter raising the debt ceiling to $9 trillion and waging a war with a price tag of $378 billion and counting, Republicans are having a hard time holding onto that ideological high ground.


[I]n recent years, they haven’t had anyone to point to but themselves. Except for a brief period in the Senate, both houses of Congress have been firmly in the hands of the Republican Party throughout the current Bush Administration. And, from 2000 to 2005, gross federal debt skyrocketed over 40 percent—from $5.6 trillion to $7.9 trillion—according to figures from the Office of Management and Budget.

In 1994, Republicans swept into the office "to restore the bonds of trust between the people and their elected representatives," according to their Contract With America. A dozen years later, in addition to leaving generations of the American people with this enormous economic burden, the Republican Congress has been dodging scandals from Rep. Mark Foley’s questionable conduct with an underage Congressional page to lobbyist Jack Abramoff’s influence peddling.

Promises made, promises broken; and the hits just keep on coming.

Thanks for posting this and thus making me (and others) aware of the endorsements.

I have posted a comment about this, including a hat tip and a link to your posting, on my #1 recommended diary at dailykos which you can read Here
I noticed that the Williamsburg's Virginia Gazette, which by most reports is a liberal leaning paper, endorsed James Webb and Jo Ann Davis.

From what is beening said in the Williamsburg area, Davis has picked up a lot of support from Democrats by opposing the King William Reservoir project and securing funding to remove the rusted ships on the James River known as the "Ghost Fleet." In addition, Williamsburg elected officials have been impressed with Davis by her involvement and work with the 2007 Jamestown Celebration.

It seems that rubber stamp label doesn't jive with Jo Ann Davis' record, so it's not sticking in the minds of Democrats in the Historic Triangle.

It looks like the editior of the Gazette is reflecting what he is hearing from his neighbors.
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