Saturday, October 14, 2006

George Allen's Fishy "Fish" Story

According to e-Pluribus Media, the commonwealth of Virginia issued an arrest warrant for Sen. George Felix Allen in 1974.

Not Larry Sabato earlier wrote that Allen insisted the warrant was simply a little incident about a "fishing license violation." No biggie.

Well, Howling Latina doesn't know what the exact temperature was on February 15, 1973, the date of the legal infraction but...if she were a betting person, she'd bet the farm she doesn't own that if Allen went fishing, he was the only fool in the entire state to have done so on that day.

Here are the Virginia temperatures for February (°F) from 1982 to 2002:
1982 - 38.2
1983 - 36.3
1984 - 41.7
1985 - 36.6
1986 - 38.1
1987 - 35.3
1988 - 36.2
1989 - 37.4
1990 - 44.7
1991 - 41.4
1992 - 40.7
1993 - 35.3
1994 - 37.6
1995 - 34.7
1996 - 36.0
1997 - 41.6
1998 - 41.6
1999 - 40.0
2000 - 41.4
2001 - 41.2

Let's face it, frosty February ain't exactly fishing weather, now is it?!?


This is so yesterday's hysteria. Did you even read the thread at NLS?
Read my updated post, you'll really love it!
What you need to post is Jim Webb's Relative Humility... I'm sure it was about 0 for all those dates...

yep, it's Anonymous again...
You might enjoy my latest post...

It was quite fun to unleash my inner weather nerd on SWAC girl. :)
If this is the type of thing that Jim Webb puts you up to, I'm sure he'll get a lot done in the Senate...

yep, It's Anonymous
Maybe it's the Cuban in you, but that's ideal trout fishing weather.
Anonymous, I'm sure that's exactly it!

Gosh, if only I'd thought of it before I wrote the erroneous post.

Guess you gotta be a "real" Virginian with a Confederate flag on the hood of your car before you can discern these inherent "virtual truths."
Are you down with brown?
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