Saturday, October 14, 2006

George Allen's Fish Story reported last month that a former college football teammate of Sen. George Felix Allen accused the junior senator not only of repeatedly using the "N-word," but severing the head of a deer and stuffing it in a large mailbox in a black neighborhood.

Follow-up news stories noted that police records showed no old reports of a deer inside a mailbox; and "two Louisa County sheriff's deputies who were on the force in the early '70s said that they recall no complaints about severed animal heads."

Not Larry Sabato today writes that Allen was served with a mysterious warrant around the same time frame as the alleged deer incident; moreover, there was a criminal hearing in 1973.

Now, probably this is simply an unlucky coincidence in timing. Allen claims the warrant was for an expired fishing license, the warrant was from Albermarle County and according to news reports, the deer-in-the-mailbox episode took place in Louisa County.

However, the "fishy" part of the story is that records of the incident have been destroyed; and Allen, after all, was the state executive in the commonwealth as governor from 1994 to 1998 -- plenty of time for things to find their way to "getting" lost.

Before Virginians discount the latest in a series of incidents, Allen needs to provide more proof than his mere say-so; it's not like Allen is brimming with credibility in Virginia.

Please, HL, let's not get carried away on this one. Pursuant to Virginia law the records would have been destroyed in 1984 as part of routine record-purging mandated for General District courts in Virginia. All GD court records are purged after 10 years. The only record left would have been the warrant log.
How very convenient!

Well, let someone from the commonwealth attorney's office confirm Allen's assertion.

In the meantime, if what you say is true, then the news about how no record exists of someone complaining of vandalism to a mailbox isn't exactly exculpatory evidence, is it?

I mean, if records are only kept for 10 years, whether someone complained or not cannot be confirmed, can it?
Is this America? Isn't someone still presummed innocent until proven guilty. What do you want from Allen. If God himself came down and told you that he was the best candidate, you would say God must be guilty of something also.

Look, you are just out to get Allen. Can anyone at this point prove that there are no skeletons in Webb's closet?

According to your reasoning, if no one can prove that there isn't then there must be... Like I said before: Your blog... it isn't going anywhere except maybe in aimless circles. Round and round she goes... What she will say next no one knows (or cares)!
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