Thursday, October 05, 2006

"George Allen?" All hat, no cattle

Truer words have never been spoken: "George Allen? He's the nearest nothing ever been in this country. He's a big old fake, that's all."

In a very supportive article, The Nation profiles Jim Webb; and an old coal miner from Southwest Virginia has that one great quote that nails Sen. George Felix Macawitz to the wall. All hat, no cattle!

This Labor Day, Jim Webb skipped the pilgrimage to Buena Vista and the Laborfest Parade; he was off to see his son to Iraq instead. But here is what one of the "real" Virginians who saw Allen during the parade had to say about his phony cowboy charade.

"Everybody had heard where Webb was that day, and why," recalls Charley Conrad. "So people are standing there watching the parade, and what do they see coming down the street but George Felix Allen, in a big white ten-gallon hat and those fancy boots he always wears, grinning and waving from atop a brown-and-white horse called--I'm not kidding--Bubba. And all I could think was, I sure hope people are paying attention."
When Virginia voters compare the Allen and Webb records in the privacy of their voting booth, only the most rabid of partisans would choose Allen over Webb.
Bush's war is no more popular in predominantly white southwest Virginia--at least not on a recent Saturday in Castlewood, where hundreds gathered for the annual fish fry and political rally of the United Mine Workers' local. "We think it's useless," says Jimmy Taylor, a young truck driver. "Why send more people in to get killed?" Taylor's girlfriend, Brittany Brading, agrees. "Bush is sending all this money to Iraq when people are homeless and hungry here. It's disgusting."
Tonight in the "The Situation Room," Webb smacked poor ol' Wolf for bringing up peripheral issues about Foley, macaca and women when the big elephant in the room is lack of accountability within the White House and the war in Iraq.

Let's face it, Republican legislators have given every key to the doors of the capitol to the Bush administration.

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