Saturday, October 07, 2006

Gas Prices in Swing States vs. Red States

This is not a stroke of genius by Howling Latina; and she can't remember where she first read about it but...

After reading the gloating post by The Ward View on how low gas prices are in the swing state of Virginia, she decided to take a stroll down the blogosphere and compare gas prices in Virginia against gas prices in some crimson red state, like say Utah.

Well, here's the apparent ugly truth. The poor saps who live in states that support the Bush administration pay higher prices for fuel. Unvarnished loyalty has a hidden gas tax.

Indeed while some areas in Virginia are paying as low as $1.79 per gallon, travel only a few miles south to North Carolina and the lowest price is $1.99 The lowest price for folks in Utah is $2.40 in Salt Lake City while in Ohio, consumers can purchase gasoline for under $2.00 a gallon. People from Missouri pay as little as $1.90 per gallon; travel a few miles west to Arkansas and it's $1.96; or a few miles north to Kansas, and it's $1.97.

Read it and weep; and then try to convince the rest of the country that the White House hasn't manipulated fuel prices to try to win advantage only days before Election Day. Americans may be fueling up, but they ain't buying the GOP spin that market forces have caused the sudden drop in gas prices.

I love America where one call from the prez and BANG! Gas prices go down... Look here... The president cannot do that...

Get a life because this blog ain't going anywhere if you keep up this type of ranting... Maybe you should read about why they have gone down... It's because there have been huge oil finds in THE USA that makes Saudia Arabia look like a dry oil can.
Yep, I'm just some poor misinformed sap like the majority of Americans.
Seems to be the case.
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