Thursday, October 26, 2006

Front-Page Allen Racist History Timeline

The Washington Post front-pages Sen. George Allen's racist history timeline.

The story recounts Allen's use of the N-word during high-school and college, his not credible denial, macaca-gate and finally, how folks from Allen's past said the macaca tape showed "a distressingly familiar, coldly taunting hatred" they'd seen before.
"I saw how he looked, that attitude of condescension and superiority," said Ed Sabornie, a former Virginia player and now a professor of special education at North Carolina State University.

"That rang a bell for me."
The Post reports that in late 1970s, Allen supported a segregationist Democrat for attorney general against the Republican candidate and ultimate winner, J. Marshall Coleman; and of course, when Allen was a state legislator in 1984, he staunchly opposed "a holiday honoring Martin Luther King Jr."

Go figure?!?

The article is must-read news for Virginians; and the lens every voter should look through before casting their decisive vote in 12 days.

No matter how many trips to Mecca Allen takes to trump his racist past, a leopard can never change his spots. The overwhelming record shows that Allen has a long lenghthy racist history; and the Macaca incident in Break this past summer was only the latest public confirmation.

The Post must be quite fearful of Allen's cutting into the Democrat hammerlock on the Black vote.

And still, but a single article ( talking about Webb's RECENT use of the smear "towel-heads."
Hey, gotta have media balance in light of Richmond Times-Dispatch.

At least the Washington Post endorses Republicans. Last time I checked, Times-Dispatch hadn't endorsed a Democrat for statewide office in at least 30 years; and without the time to do another search, I'd be willing to bet they haven't endorsed a Democrat for any public office at all.

In other words, look at the speck in your own eye before you cast aspersions.
At least when Jim Webb uses a derogatory term it is NOT used to attack a person of that ethnic group...Republicans LOVE to take things OUT OF CONTEXT to DISTORT REALITY....

Virginians know that it's Allen who is racist...and "sold out" to corporate special interests....

Time for a change and a man of integrity...Time for Webb...

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