Sunday, October 15, 2006

Feb. 15, 1973

Here's the Virginia forecast, according to the Washington Post on the fated Feb. 15, 1973 when Sen. George Felix Allen claims he was fishing without a license.

Thursday, Feb. 15, 1973 - Cloudy, high in the upper 30s and low 40s, low in the 20s. Chance of rain is 40 percent today, 10 percent tonight. Temperature range 23-42.
Hmmm, so let's see....Allen went fishing on a day with nearly a 50-50 chance of rain and temperature in the 30s.

In the meantime, SWAC girl tried to tell Howling Latina that February was the absolute perfect weather month for trout fishing in Virginia. But a little google action, and voila, yep, another lie by a GOP blowhard.

It looks like perfect trout season is in the spring -- not in the dead of winter.

Qué mentirosa! (That's liar in Spanish)

Why do you bother living!Eat shit and kill yourself.PS-you suck big time!!!!!
Pshaw. REAL cowboys go ice fishing.
The truth hurts, doesn't it?!?
It seems that George Allen doesn't even make a good liar...much less a good senator...LOL

WOW. That SWAC girl is really obsessed with you! That comment they left sounds crazy, though, so be careful. Looks like you have a stalker who is not only insane, but jealous of you as well.
Hate to tell you this, HL, because I love your enthusiasm, but lots of fishermen will tell you that overcast days are the best ones for fishing and dedicated fishermen don't really care that much about the cold. Heck, even I go fishing in the winter and I hate the cold. I do, however, make sure I always have a license.
Catzmaw, I know some folks go fishing when it's cold. Hell, some go ice fishing.

My point is that the likelihood, in the parameters of the Bell Curve, when taken along with other statements by Allen such as "I didn't know what 'Macaca' meant; I didn't know my mother was Jewish; I never used the N-word, in other words, in totality, Howling Latina think that chances are slim and none that Allen went fishing that day.

Evidence points to Allen being a chronic liar.
The main problem with Allen's fish tale is that, until recently, it was illegal to fish in trout waters until April 1st each year. Growing up, my father took me many times on opening day to start off the fishing year.

VDGIF recinded that rule about 10 or so years ago.
And by the way, February is an excellent time to fish for Virginia trout.

The fish are just pre-spawn, and trying to fatten up.
Lots of fishermen in my family and none of them fish in the dead of winter. catz, you are unusual!
More trout fishers are out in the cold but how many trout streams are in Albemarle patroled by county police or game wardens?
George Allen better get out a topo map and figure out where he was that day. LOL!
Fix me a sammich, woman!
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