Saturday, October 21, 2006

Desperate Allen Tries to Backpedal

In a last ditch effort to bolster his reelection chances, Sen. George Felix Macacawitz, Jr., is doing a little backpedaling on the Iraqi War.

Looks like he got a whole new set of talking points from the White House.

ABC News reports:

Republican Sen. George Allen called for "changes in tactics" in how the U.S. is fighting the Iraq war on Friday as he continued to face questions about his morphing position on the war.

"The situation there is one that needs adjustments, that needs changes in tactics. We need to adapt to the situation on the ground," Allen said at a campaign event Friday morning with GOP leaders of the state legislature.

Well, Senor Macacawitz, it's a little too late to save your dumb ass. Folks like Jim Webb and Rep. John Murtha were saying that the United States had to rethink their military strategy late last year before an added 607 American soldiers lost their lives; and oh yea, people like you were calling them traitors.

For a very long time, everyone has known that the U.S. had to "change" their losing "tactics." And now you want Americans to trust the very same folks who got us into this hopeless mess to find a way out of this quaqmire?!?

As ABC News notes, Allen only "began shifting his public position on the unpopular war two weeks ago after fellow Virginia Sen. John Warner, a five-term moderate and chairman of the Armed Services Committee, returned from an Iraq visit saying the war was 'drifting sideways,' with Iraq's fledgling government unable to disarm its deadly sectarian militias."

Oops, so sorry. My problem....just a little correction...give me another chance to screw up.

Not on the lives of the poor guys and gals over in Iraq fighting and dying because of stupid arrogant people like you, Sen. George Allen, Racist-VA., and your GOP cronies and White House toadies.

Webb has "couched the coming election as 'a choice between those who have power and those who will stand up to power.'"

Indeed, Americans have had ENOUGH. No MAS!

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