Thursday, October 26, 2006

Breaking News - Castro is Really Dying

Howling Latina received an e-mail from a relative who is an appointed official with the Justice Department in the Bush administration and the word is that Castro is breathing his last few breaths.

Otto J. Reich, assistant secretary of state for the Western Hemisphere and later in the National Security Council under President George W. Bush from 2001 to 2004 writes in National Review online:
This time the rumors are real: Castro is dying of stomach cancer. He may have already died, even before the funeral preparations were finished, so the n ews is not out. Confirmation of the terminal illness comes from the usual sources but in a non-conventional manner. The Cuban government has been summoning to Havana representatives of the major international media to negotiate the best seats, camera angles, and interviews with the despot’s political survivors, and to inform them of the ground rules for coverage of the state funeral.
Apparently, National Review has a problem that folks from Argentina, Montoneros, Uruguay, Nicaragua, Salvador, Colombia, Chile, Brazil, Guatemala, Angola, Ethiopia, Palestine, Syria and Vietnam will be invited to the funeral.

Howling Latina thinks that Cubans should be allowed to invite whoever the hell they want to; and if every third world tyrant leader and past militant fighter attend the funeral, what business is it of the United States?!?

Moreover, when National Review mentions rogue military intervention by Cubans in the past, their support of South Africa's noble struggle against apartheid in the 90s is mysteriously left off.

Yet from this story thread, it is eminently obvious that evildoers can and often do advance a just cause or two. For the faithful, scripture tells us that God often uses what is meant for evil to advance His purposes on earth. So it is folly to link every Cuban military adventure against colonialism and Western interests as inherently evil.

The world is not black or white; it's more nuanced; and as venal as Castro is and was, may he nonethelss find peace in his ultimate resting place.

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