Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Apologists & Enablers

Just like the GOP leadership enabled Rep. Mark Foley, R-Fla, to continue to prey on young interns and initially tried to spin his criminal outrage as nothing more than an innocent e-mail between a mentor and his bosom protege, and equal to Pres. George Bush outrageous claim that almost 3000 American lost lives, 20000 maimed and over $300 billion dollars squandered is nothing more than a simple comma in the annals of history, Republican apologists have taken to the air waves and news columns to profess that George Allen is not a racist see, he says he's not; and besides, he's won two Virginia statewide elections.

Hey, Sen. Trent Lott has also won a boatload of elections in Mississippi, but would any honest person try to rest his or her argument on whether Lott was/is a racist or not on how many elections he's won in the past?!?

In other words, what does winning elections have to do with being a racist or not?!? Didn't David Duke win a few elections as a Klan member?!?

The latest apologist is Star Parker, the black face of conservative Christian rantings on WorldNetDaily and who has inked a financially prosperous niche by spouting her fatuous sentiments at Scripps Howard News Service.

[A]fter 25 years in state politics, including a term as governor prior to being elected to the Senate, allegations emerge that the Republican uttered, years ago, the racist n-word when he was a college football player.

According to another allegation, back in those same days the future governor and senator stuffed a severed deer's head into the mailbox of a black household.

Well Ms. Parker, "back in the day," accepting your term, if someone had killed someone, oh hell, just even stolen their car, time wouldn't exactly wash away the sin, would it? The law, as legislated by Sen. George "No Parole" Allen would demand the full weight of the law, no ifs, ands or buts.

Besides, in light of blessed assurances by GOPers from Jack Abramoff to Duke Cunningham, Ney and now Foley, don't you think it would be prudent to find out whether Allen actually was/is a racist before we absolve him?!?

Dredging up aspersions to question an opponent's character is now a common part of this sleazy business. It doesn't matter whether there is truth to allegations or not. Once an aspersion is made, even if it is never substantiated, the public perception of a man or woman is forever impacted.

Even when incontrovertible evidence is brought to bear that the allegations are pure garbage, the shadow of the allegations remains.

Indeed, "dredging" old "aspersions" and bringing them to the light to see if there is anything there behind the allegations is exactly what this election should be about; and to date, no "evidence" exists that""incontrovertibly"absolves Allen.

If anything, Allen's racist past and questionable assertions that defy basic logic such as not knowing what "macaca" meant, not knowing that he was Jewish, claiming he has never, ever used the N-word and then doing a little backtracking. point to Allen being a dissembling racist.

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