Sunday, October 29, 2006

Allen's Fishy Story Doesn't Wash

After Sen. George Allen made a federal case of Jim Webb's work of fiction, Howling Latina harkens back to the warrants issued to the goober senator back in 1974.

TPM Cafe has confirmed with Albemarle Circuit Court in Virginia that a George Felix Allen was issued a warrant and the image shown is indeed a "real court recor[d]." The picture initially appeared in a DailyKos post and has subsequently made the rounds on the Internet.

Allen asserted yesterday that his "record as a United States senator [was] an open book." But in spite of his fish explanation, it looks like Allen still has 'some esplainin' to do about the incident.

For starters, let's not split hairs and restrict what the meaning of "record" is to a measly six years. For the purpose of squashing a charge, a person's record means "to set down in writing, for the purpose of evidence" something that either refutes or confirms a charge; the last six years hardly explain anything.

Fork it, over, you forked-tongue goober; voters have the right to know what legal matter(s) forced you to appear in court during your college years; particularly since someone has accused you of stuffing a deer's head inside a black person's mailbox within the neighboring time frame.

Oh, and let's see your divorce record, too; surely the champion of women's rights would welcome the opportunity to squelch any nasty rumor about spitting yens and spousal abuse, right?!? Or maybe not -- if rumors are true

I suppose you're asking Jim Webb to unseal the records from his two divorces?

Let me know when you hear from the Webb campaign.
Lets see Jim Webb doesn't have a sister who wrote a book called the fifth quarter in which her brother George Macacawitz Allen is shown to be a hate filled bully with quasi klan feelings and actions. All of Jim Webb's kids are pictured around him including the Marine he spend Labor Day with while the Macaca Cowboy was campaigning atop his horse "bubba".

Macacawitz had a divorce too, given his history of violence, maybe that too would be worth looking into?
Allen's sister said that was a novelization. Didn't democrats say we shouldn't use people's fictional writings in the campaign?

I guess that's just like webbies falsely claiming Allen's son was named after a confederate hero (thus bringing ridicule and scorn upon the innocent child at school), when in fact it was Webb who named his son after a confederate war hero.
Yes, we ALL know, the entire STATE knows, that Webb spent labor day with is son who is deployed in Iraq.

Odd then that the Hampton Pilot's endorsement claimed that Webb's campaign was hiding his son's deployment in Iraq, and not using it in the campaign. Or using his marine history.

Especially odd since the "here's Webb" video the campaign uses at gatherings spends a majority of the time on his marine service, which was admirable, but hardly an indication of the campaign downplaying it.
"Novelization" my frigging butt.

When she initially wrote it, it was published as non-fiction.

This is just the latest LIE by Allen in his endless line of lies.
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