Friday, October 27, 2006

Add Tucker Carlson to List of Dismayed Conservatives

As every political pundit under the sun has pointed out, Allen's campaign is so desperate that they've been reduced to tossing the kitchen sink from their campaign headquarters -- in the hope they might hit SOMETHING!

Of course, like good little trolls, Virginia conservative bloggers have once again proven that they've been lobotomized by GOP ideology and apparently don't have a brain cell left inside their aping head.

This evening, Tucker Carlson slapped Ed Gillespie on his show and basically laughed at him when he tried to spin the latest bullshit about how Webb's fiction is the sure tell-tale sign of his base nature and character.

Oh yes, Howling Latina is beaming with joy that the issue of Webb's fiction has been raised by Allen's minions. This way, Virginians can see how bereft of stature and substance their junior goober senator is, to the extend that he's attacking Webb for his literary work of fiction because gosh, he's just so damn squeaky clean.

WAH, Ha, ha, ha.

HL... Nobody's listening... Your guy is dead in the water...


Like I said... well, you already know...
I was thinking the same thing when I saw this today. All hope has failed for Allen and his campaign when even Tucker thinks he is a big joke.
Well, Anonymous, looks like a bunch of big time conservative bloggers are bailing on this one. Allen even lost the guy from the Washington Times. Bwaaahhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaahhahahahhaa.
Mudcat was on with Tucker the other day. Maybe he won him over?
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