Thursday, October 05, 2006

About George Allen's Senate Team...

A conservative blogger recently posted a picture of Sens. George Allen and John Warner together and declared them a "team."

Well, before we go around heralding any new team, perhaps one should make sure of a few pesky facts.

Sure, Warner is a Republican; and as a faithful Republican, proper lip service to George Allen must be paid. But...let's take a stroll down memory lane, shall we?

When Ollie North was running for the Virginia Senate seat against former Democratic Sen. Chuck Robb and John Warner was trying desperately to derail the North nomination, who did Warner call?!?

It sure as hell wasn't George Felix Allen, Jr., that's for damn sure!

No siree. It was Vietnam war hero, famous author, journalist, former Reagan Navy Secretary Jim Webb that Warner asked to run.

So before one goes around casting "aspersions," a little political history is worth a thousand lies.

By the bye folks, did you know that only a year ago Sen. John McCain was calling Jim Webb one of his "oldest friends"?

Yep, the enduring friendships between Webb and more than a few Republicans surpasses party labels. Long-term friendships Goober Allen can only dream about.

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