Tuesday, September 19, 2006

US Government is Guilty!

The New York Times has a providential story about the wrongful and illegal extradition of a Canadian computer engineer to Syria where he was tortured and kept in a tiny cell for over a year.

The Syrian-born Mr. Arar was seized on Sept. 26, 2002, after he landed at Kennedy Airport in New York on his way home from a holiday in Tunisia. On Oct. 8, he was flown to Jordan in an American government plane and taken overland to Syria, where he says he was held for 10 months...and beaten repeatedly with a metal cable. He was freed in October 2003, after Syrian officials concluded that he had no connection to terrorism and returned him to Canada.
It was all an honest mistake, so sorry.
A government commission on Monday exonerated a Canadian computer engineer of any ties to terrorism and issued a scathing report that faulted Canada and the United States for his deportation four years ago to Syria, where he was imprisoned and tortured.
This is the kind of ungodly thing our so-called born-again Christian president and his GOP rubber-stampers want to continue to do under the shield of law.

Howling Latina has faith that God works all things for the good; the timing of this report just as the White House is trying to bully McCain, Graham and Warner only serves to restore any faith lost during the last five years of the Bush administration.

But no doubt about it; justice damands that any American official involved in this tragedy should be tried and convicted for crimes against humanity, all the way to the top.

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