Monday, September 04, 2006

A Strong Victory Wind

Nearly every political pundit predicts victory for Democrats in November.

With an unintended prod from an uber-conservative blogger, Howling Latina decided to focus on the Virginia Senate race and the delegate race in...gasp...the 50th district where she doesn't live.

Sorry rabid blogger, every spare ounce of energy will be devoted to helping Jim Webb and Jeanette Rishell win.

Craig's Musing has an excellent post with the scoop on the poop on voter turnout numbers in Prince William County.

Bottom line, the county has a dismal voter turnout record during off-year elections. But...with all the excitement at the prospect of Democrats crushing GOPers and winning back the House and Senate, and Jim Webb at the heart of happy and hopeful dreams, and progressives motivated to kill the misnamed Marriage amendment, well, look for added voters for Jim Webb and Jeanette Rishell.

With little at stake for the average lukewarm conservative voter except racist George Allen at the top of the Republican ticket, expect mom and pop to stay home and watch the latest reality show on television with their kids.

Mostly folks who are sick and tired of their three-hour commute to work; and sick and tired of obstructionist House members in Richmond blocking every initiative to fix transportation; and sick and tired of government trying to legislate morality and who they can and cannot live with; and folks who want a deliberative senator with the brains to cope with the raw deal Allen and his 'Iraq, stay the course' pals got us into, in other words, mostly Democrats will show up at the polls in Prince William County.

Yep, HL's political Doppler radar screen can see the radio waves of the gale forces of victory.

it's just disgust with the political parties in general, it seems like the stratedgy for victory is to be a democratic- conservative or a republican-liberal the blurring of the lines and lack of vision is a paralyzing to most of us during the elections
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