Saturday, September 02, 2006

Senate Debate Kick-Off on "Meet the Press"

This Sunday "Meet the Press" kicks-off its Senate debate schedule with Sen. Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania debating State Treasurer Bob Casey, the Democratic challenger.

Don't forget folks, two weeks from tomorrow on Sept. 17, Jim Webb will face off against Sen. George Allen and thrash, er, I mean debate him.

For the rest of the debate schedule, click here.

Pull up a chair, kick off your shoes and sit down for a while, y' hear?

The debate this morning indicates that Casey is just as I thought ... the lesser of two evils. Too bad. PA had a chance to give us a real progressive this time around, and the Democratic party blew it.

I agree.

This is the very reason Santorum is catching up to Casey.

Someone once said, give the electorate a choice between a real Republican and Republican-lite, and they'll choose the real Republican almost every time.

The only thing that bodes well for Casey is the fact he's got a "D" to go along with his name; and how far right Santorum is on social issues.
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