Saturday, September 23, 2006

Quixote Center Celebrates Thirty Years

Quixote Center is a religious nonprofit with Catholic roots that began their quest in a humble apartment building in the "not-so-nice" part of Prince Georges County in Maryland.

The Washington Post has a nice story about the center's 30-year milestone.

Howling Latina had the good fortune of meeting the folks at Quixote when she was a volunteer a few years ago. Quixote raised millions of dollars for Nicaraguans during the 80s, in spite of American policies and laws that prohibited any organization to give aid (you know, the comfort schtick).

At the time, members refused to abide by the "let the people starve and teach them a lesson" mentality and raised and contributed millions of dollars.

The center is now run by a former sister and priest; and every employee earns the same income, with the same number of days off, vacation days and benefit package.

A neat little place in a small corner of Prince Georges County that has increasingly become more gentrified -- but where utopian values from the 60s and 70s survive to today!

Sounds like my kind of people...If you get a chance surf over to and check out their Friday webcast....The majority of the newscast is a wonderful interview with my fave South Amerian President Evo Morales.....I really hope that the United States will start supporting leaders like Morales instead of folks like Guatemala's Pres Oscar Berger....

We need to stop supporting the strong arm Saddam Hussein type of leaders who will sell out their people to multinational corporations.....

Morales rocks!!

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