Friday, September 22, 2006

A Pair of Jewish GOPers Defend Sen. George Allen

Today we learn that two Republican Jewish legislators have picked up the Dixie gauntlet to defend Allen for his bizare overreaction when asked about his Jewish roots during Monday's debate.

Not that it will make any difference with Jewish voters; they're one of the most educated people in America; we're not talking about some 8th grade inbred bubba here; and the damage in Virginia is going to be monumental.

Just like when Allen made his "truth in sentencing" campaign pledge when running for governor and African-Americans understood who Allen was trying to appeal to; and just as when Allen called for "securing the borders" and Latinos knew that Allen wasn't exactly trying to win their votes; and just like when Allen called a young Webb campaign worker a "Macaca" and then taunted him with his "real" Virginia and "real" America commentary, Indian-Americans understood exactly what Allen was trying to convey to his audience; Jewish Americans aren't idiots; they know exactly why Allen was outraged when the question of his grandfather's heritage was asked.

Allen can trot out every Jewish leader in the country, but Jews don't have a pack herd mentally; in fact, quite the opposite; they're strikingly independent.

Also, expect Allen's KKK buddies to either stay home or vote for the Scots-Irish guy with the red hair and combat boots. Sure, if asked about their sudden lack of love for Allen, they'll cushion it with lofty words about the senator's recent disrespect of Dixie on "Meet the Press" when he said he regretted the noose and the flag.

But with his latest eruption, Allen lost the Jewish vote; and he also lost one of his most reliable constituency groups, the red, white and blue bigots of Virginia.

Stop me if you have heard this joke. A Cowboy,a Confederate, and a Rabbi walk into a bar. The bar tender says Hi George.
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