Friday, September 22, 2006

Oy, vey, a Little Chuckle to Brighten your Afternoon

Thus far, Sen. Allen's response to his outburst during last Monday's debate has been filled with nonsense; so in the theme of this post, here's a a little Yiddish chuckle from Andy Martin of Political Commenstary.

(Washington)(September 20, 2006) Prior to September 18th, Senator George Allen of Virginia considered himself a potential occupant of the White House in 2009. any conservative Republicans agreed. No more.

Earlier in 2006 Allen was considered a shoo-in for reelection. Then he referred to a junior staffer of his Democratic opponent as a "macaca." Today Allen's continued service in the U. S. Senate is doubtful. All because of an almost forgotten Yiddish newspaper in New York, The Forward (formerly the Daily Forward).

Some persons of Jewish ancestry are sensitive about their family history. I have a friend in West Palm Beach, Dick Farrel, who insists he's Irish. He's not. He recently ran for office under his birth (Christian?) name, Farrel Levitt. But whatever Dick's legerdemain about his ancestry, he wouldn't think of denying who his mother is. I love her. Norma is a champ. A bubbe in waiting.

When Senator Allen was asked at a campaign debate with his opponent whether Allen had Jewish ancestry, he initially demurred. Yesterday (19th) he issued a statement saying his grandfather was Jewish. O.k. But bubbe was bupkis, nowhere to be found. His maternal grandmother had disappeared.

The media immediately connected Senator Allen to other public officials with forgotten family memories of Jewish heritage (don't ask, don't tell was the essence of what Allen said his mother told him). John Kerry, that "Irish" candidate for resident, was trotted out; he had Jewish relatives in his family tree. But no Irish.

Who can forget former Secretary of State Madeline Albright, who married into a WASPy family name and quickly forgot her Jewish heritage?

But, wait, there's more: the media forgot "Jewish" Hillary Clinton. She has said she had a Jewish relative. "You don't have to be Jewish…to be Jewish." But it helps.

It is almost enough to remind you of the classic advertising campaign for bread in New York City, "You don't have to be Jewish to love Levy's."It seems illogical to me that Allen would see himself as a president and expect to be a stealth candidate on his religious and ethnic heritage. As always, the cover-up is more critical than the fact which is concealed. Rewriting family history is a risky business when you are running for national office. Does George Allen really think he belongs in the White House? Does anybody? [Full disclosure: "I was raised as a Christian, too."]

All of this strum und drug would have passed but for the efforts of the Forward, and old Yiddish newspaper that has morphed into the modern age, and which ran an article connecting Senator Allen's "macaca" controversy to his North-African family history. North-African? Well, ask.

Is Senator Allen an African-American? Or a North-African-American? A "brother" with Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton? Now I understand why George is worried. If Allen's bubbe and zadie lived in North Africa (Tunisia) what is he? A good ole boy? Will he substitute a yarmulke for cowboy boots on the campaign trail?

Only one thing is certain. If the Kenyans are luxuriating in Barack Obama, the Tunisians are about to go gaga about their own home-grown Tunisian senator and presidential candidate, George Allen. There won't be any "aspersions" cast in Tunisia; Senator Allen has nothing to fear there. Couscous instead of barbecue? It's a lock. Or lox.

Ah, the melting pot. Often invoked, never forgotten.

But, still, where's Allen's bubbe? Now that's a gantzeh megilleh in the making. Oy, vey.
(This humurous commentary was published with Andy Martin's permission.)

that would be a "yarmulke for a cowboy hat".. not "boots". you wear a yarmulke on your kop not your fus...

you gentiles ar so komish (comical)
Not exactly perfect symmetry, but...the imagery and persona of Allen as cowboy was at all times represented through his cowboy boots -- not his cowboy hat.

So his perpetual cowboy boots identity has now been replaced by a yarmulke.
Tunisians are not black. Tunisia is in North Africa, a few miles south of Italy. Tunisians are often dark, but are caucasian, mediterranean.
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