Friday, September 22, 2006

Mr. Miller, Howling Latina Takes It All Back...

God bless Harris Miller!

Howling Latina had previously written about Harris Miller's sharp tongue and his deftness with a quote that smacked his opposition with derision; and begged him to use his quick wit to smack George Allen and defend Jim Webb against the baseless charges of anti-Semitism.

In the latest story thread of the Allen brouhaha, he publicly weeps on CNN to try to save his political career; it's all about the CHILDREN, the children! Oh, and Webb's anti-Semitism.

Allen had the arrogance and sheer balls to frame the issue for his lack of forthrightness as not one of dishonesty and ducking the issue of his past -- but of a poor mother protecting her babies, meaning the 54-year old Allen and his fully grown siblings. Okay, that might be true of mommie, but what the hell is his excuse?!?

Here's a great quote from Miller by the Virginian-Pilot that hopefully will put to rest that somehow Miller endorses Allen.

"George Allen is trying to divert people from the fact that he has been misleading people about his background," Miller said. "George Allen has shown an insensitivity across his political life to people of various minorities."

To recap: Allen wants us to believe that only after the article by the Jewish Forward came out did he ever ask his mother about his heritage; he was then sworn to secrecy and because of it, lashed out at a reporter when she asked him about his roots; you see, he was fighting to uphold his mother's honor as well as her right to "pass." All for religious freedom, of course.

A more likely story thread is the one featured in an editorial by the Daily Press.

Five minutes of research on the Web will tell you that once German Gen. Erwin Rommel got into Tunisia during World War II, the Gestapo quickly followed and began rounding up anyone suspected of being Jewish. This was the Holocaust.


All his career, Allen has employed the phrase "Virginia values," never with much precision, but with cool certainty that his audiences got the message. If you had "Virginia values," you were on his side of the line. Inside, outside. That's Allen's game. You're either one of us or you're not.

Perhaps his angry outburst at reporter Fox was all that came to him when he suddenly found himself on uncertain ground in his own game.

To believe Allen's cockamanie story is to suspend all reality. Sure...and there is a tooth fairy, Easter bunny, Santa Claus, weapons of mass destruction; and no reason to suspect Allen was lying when he said he made up the word 'macaca' on the spot -- even though he's now retracted that statement also.

Like a Democratic media consultant noted in a Baltimore Sun article yesterday, "Things keep happening to this guy that call his character into question."


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