Saturday, September 23, 2006

Jeanette Rishell Takes First Debate!

States Voters Should Elect Rishell "Because She is Smarter Than I Am."

Sponsored by the Prince William County Committee of 100, Democratic Jeanette Rishell debated Republican Jackson Miller in front of a standing room only crowd; both are candidates for Virginia’s 50th House of delegates.

Stressing the need to follow Del. Harry Parrish’s model of leadership based on mutual respect and cooperation across party lines, Rishell proceeded to fuddle and fluster poor Jackson Miller to the point of him telling the audience, "Vote for Ms. Rishell, she is smarter than I am.”

Now, the debate questions tracked closely to the concerns Rishell has been hearing from voters as she knocks on the doors of over 9400 Virginians.

On transportation, Miller argued for changing the funding formulas as a way to bring more money to the 50th district; but Rishell rightly noted that once all expenses have been paid, the amount left for formula spending is a mere $775 million; in other words, there ain't no $$$ coming to Northern Virginia for transportation unless voters take matters into their own hands and vote for the candidates who promise to make transportation a top priority.

Rishell noted:

“That might be enough to buy us a few interchanges in Northern Virginia with nothing left for other pressing needs.”

But that ain't all; it looks like Miller left his fact book on education at home. He told the crowd that Gov. Tim Kaine’s Pre-K program was “universal,” “mandatory” and “government sponsored daycare.”

Well, tell that to the mothers and fathers of small toddlers in Virginia, you small-minded miser.

Jeanette is a strong supporter of Kaine’s initiative, and she tried hard to convey to clueless Miller that nearly all of our education dollars are geared towards kids older than five; we need to feed young minds at the critical age when their brains are developing.

“Children’s brains are almost fully developed by the time they are 5 years old and we need pre-K in order to better prepare our children for success in their later school years.”
But the absolute highlight of the evening came when each candidate asked a question of the other. Rishell forcused on education. Miller hammered away at immigration.

And in response to Rishell's question about Miller’s education funding formula and how his plan would starve school resources, Miller answered that people should vote for Rishell because she was obviously smarter than he. “That question just went over my head,” a struggling Miller admitted.

DUH! We noticed.

The Potomac News reports Miller'a claim that "the general assembly ha[d]...nearly $2 billion surplus in 2006 that was used for other things, but which should have been 'used for transportation.'" Those other little things Miller refers to are expenditures on homeland security and teaching our children.

On the immigration question, Rishell hit it out of the park. She reiterated her strong support of the less fortunate by helping with food, clothing and shelter, as the three Abrahamic faith traditions encourage; and then she added, "However, the government is under no obligation, and should not use taxpayer money to provide services to those who are here illegally.”

Bottom line: Miller's platform is nothing more than, "I am a conservative and she is a liberal." And of course, Virginia voters should trust GOPers because they nearly bankrupted the commonwealth the last time they held absolute power in both Houses and the governor's mansion.

As someone once said, "Lead, follow or get out the way."

It's quite clear that when comes to the issues that matter to everyday working families in Northern Virginia, Miller can't lead. He is too beholden to the rabid radical wing of the Republican Party; the only thing he hopes will save his admittedly dumb ass is the GOP brand, which by the bye, ain't looking so hot nowadays.

(Friends of Jeanette Rishell with extemporaneous observations by Howling Latina)

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