Wednesday, September 13, 2006

It's a Race, Folks

Here are the latest findings by SurveyUSA via Political Wire, Allen 48 percent, Webb 45 percent.

"Allen gets 90% of Republican votes. Webb gets 85% of Democrat votes. Independents choose Webb 45% to 37%. Allen leads by 14 points among men, trails by 8 points among women, a 22-point "gender gap." Allen leads by 7 in Rural VA, leads by 8 in Suburban VA. Webb leads by 14 in Urban VA. The two candidates are tied among voters earning less than $40,000/year. Allen leads by 17 points among middle-income voters. Web leads by 6 points among upper-income voters."
Enjoy the rush! Let's keep the momentum GOING!

By the way, how many times is George Allen going to apologize?!? Guess these GOPers think that if they repeat something enough times, voters will actually believe their words. Allen's words are about as believable as the president's poppycock about how the war in Iraq is central to the safety and freedom of Americans.

Allen, 54, said he did not see racial overtones in the Confederate flag. He said he was a rebellious youth and viewed the banner as a "symbol against authority." As a history major at t he University of Virginia in the early 1970s, he said, he also began to see the flag as a proud heritage symbol for those with ancestors from the South who fought in the Civil War.

"What I appreciate, and wish I had sooner, is that that symbol, which for me was fit for simply rebelling against authority, and for others was fit for pride in heritage, was and is for black Americans an emblem of hate and terror, an emblem of intolerance and discrimination," he said.

Howling Latina was around the early 70s, and can vouch that the Confederate flag was a symbol of Ol' Dixie and segregation during the historic time of civil rights enforcement. In other words, Allen is full of 'macaca.'

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