Saturday, September 30, 2006

Hidden Gem in Virginia Latest Poll Numbers

Tucked inside the news story by The Virginian-Pilot about the latest poll numbers in Virginia is a "beaut."

[O]ver half - 53 percent of those polled - said that illegal immigrants working in the United States should be given a chance to stay, while 36 percent said they should be deported.
Fifty three percent?!? Hay Dios Mio!

Now relax, allow the sound of the harmless number to rise, ever so slowly, and float through space, between your ears, gently, rising, ever so slowly.

Relax, allow the vibrations of the digit to float into the ether of your consciousness; receive the field; your loving source.

Now click your heels; yes, victory is at hand; repeat it often. The immigration issue will carry the day; and Republicans will get to cross the river banks of Georgia on Election Day.

A little skeptical? Keep repeating! Besides, Jerry Kilgore will be happy to give you a testimonial.

Oh, that's right, my bad, he lost the governor's race on this winning issue.

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