Saturday, September 09, 2006

A Full Hour of Lies and Half-Truths at "Meet the Press"

Unless you're an absolute glutton for punishment or a news junkie without a 12-step program of recovery, go to church, mow the lawn, wash your car, take the kids out to breakfast, anything to keep you from watching television this Sunday morning.

Vice-Liar Dick Cheney will be the only guest on "Meet the Press" this week.

I mean, shouldn't this guy be in prison for war crimes, somewhere?

The V.P. is a great man - He doesn't believe in killing the unborn like Dems do...

The Bible says to pray for our leaders. You belive the Bible???
I believe in accountability.

This administration has killed the "living" and I'm a sure a few pregnant woman along the way.

Cheney and Bush are a bunch of phony Christians and phony patriots.

By your deeds you are known. Do you really think Bush & Cheney model the life of Jesus?!?

Bush was only warming up as governor when he oversaw the cavalier execution of the guilty and innocent.
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