Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Ed Gillespie Lies on "Hardball"

Is lying a Republican congenital disease?

Last evening, former Republican National Chairman Ed Gillespie told a whopper on "Hardball." Asked by Chris Matthews to comment on Sen George Felix Allen's possible career ending missteps, Gillespie proclaimed:

"He was always going to be subject to negative attacks because the fact is he has been a very successful former governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia. He is a very effective current senator. He has won every campaign he's ever waged and they don't want to debate the issues with him and so they are going to attack his character."

Oh really, he's won every political race he's ever waged? Even his first race for the Virginia House of Delegates in 1979?!? Or the Congressional campaign where he was tossed out of the House in January 1993?!?

Apparently, Gillespie will say and do anything to try to save the brand of his piss-poor candidate. You know the one of Allen as an affable good ol' boy with a sunny disposition beloved by all Virginians.

When asked about the credible witnesses who've accused Allen of using the "N-word" and stuffing the head of a doe inside a mailbox in a black neighborhood, Gillespie assures us that Allen can be fully trusted when he denies the charges:
"I do take him at his word because I have the benefit of knowing the man. And the fact is, this is a man who abhors with every fiber of his being anything that is antithetical to treating people with respect, equal respect regardless of religion, race, background, ethnic background. He was raised in a football family where it was made clear to him that all that matters is what you do and your performance, and the color of your skin has no bearing whatsoever. And I believe that."
Well, forgive Howling Latina if she's more than a little disbelieving when a liar proceeds to reassure her of the merits and truthfulness of another liar.

In other words, nice try, but no "macaca."

George Allen, aka "The Deer Hunter".
Gee, HL, Ed Gillespie makes a mistake and forgets that George Allen lost his first race, and it's a "lie."

I guess we can apply your own standard and call you a liar, too, since you assert that there was "the Congressional campaign where he [Allen] was tossed out of the House in January 1993?"

Here's little history lesson. When Democrats gerrymandered the districts in 1993, they put Allen's home into Tom Bliley's district. Given the choice between running against Bliley or moving a short distance and running against Frank Wolf, Allen DID NOT run for Congress in 1992.

Instead, he ran for Governor in 1993, and ruined Mary Sue Terry's coronation.

Earning the everlasting emnity of Democrats that underlies most of the hate campaign run against him in recent weeks.

But I guess, by your own standards, you're a "liar."
Yep, another dissembling honest mistake.

Seems like a GOP specialty.

And wasn't Allen tossed out of Congress?!? Whether through gerrymandering or not is irrelevant.

As for Allen graciously bowing out of the race against Biley, I suppose that nasty business about him wanting to move into Frank Wolf's district and run against him and only stopped after the GOP threatened him was just a nasty rumor, er., lie, si?

Finally, Ed Gillespie is the former RNC chairman; he knows the history of candidates; and if he doesn't, then he should keep his lying trap shut. You can sparse words anyway you want, but the fact of the matter is Gillespie lied on national television.
No, he wasn't "tossed out of Congress." He decided not to run. There's a difference, but I wouldn't expect you to be able to understand it. A "lie" is a knowing misrepresentation of fact. It is quite possible --- even possible --- that it simply escaped Gillespie's recollection that Allen had lost his first race. As for "he knows the history of candidates," the only person whom I know with encyclopaedic knowledge like that is Tom Davis, and Ed Gillespie is no Tom Davis.

But thank you for your next comment about Wolf (I said nothing about being "gracious"). It demonstrates that you knew the truth, and misrepresented it anyway.

Therefore, "liar" is an entirely appropriate appellation in YOUR case.
Besides being former head of the GOP, another reason Gillespie might be expected to know more of Allen's history--- he works for him.

Gillespie is on TEAM ALLEN '08.
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